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Moving from Canberra to Lyon, France
Quotation date: May 1st 2012
My removal will include the following: Bedroom suite, Queen bed, chest draw, 2x side draws, Large chest draw, Bunk bed, Freezer, Washing machine, Gym set, weights, bars, Boxing stand And bag, Bikes x2, TVs Plasmas x2 50inch and 42 inch, Tv stand glass, Tv cabinet, Spit small, Surround system, Car ramps Tools.

Moving from Townsville to Bochum, Germany
Quotation date: April 20th 2012
1 double bed, Sofa,Washing machine, TV, music system, number of boxes-7, food processor, microwave, 1 small storage table."

Moving from Syndey to Lyon, France
Quotation date: March 15th 2012
"I will have either 4,6 or 8 cubic meters worth of boxes, still final volume will  be decided in two weeks. I will also have a bicycle and a couple of 1.5 meter painting which will need to be boxed up. All the packing will be done apart from the bicycle and the paintings. Also 42 inch TV and possibly a glass table top with 6 chairs which stack ontop of one another, 1 king size bed and 2 cupboard, 1m high.

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Moving from Brisbane to Dubai, UAE
Quotation date: March 1th 2012
"2 solid wooden massage tables, large 8 seater dining table & 8 chairs."

Moving from Melbourne to Shanghai, China
Quotation date: February 12th 2012
"I have my stuff in a storage facility in Melbourne which is all packed in a plywood module. So if the plywood module can be shipped as is then I'm not sure if anything else needs to be done to prepare my stuff for the move as its packed very securely. I'm after a price to ship this module from Melbourne to Shanghai."

Moving from Sydney to Denver, USA
Quotation date: January 2nd 2012
"2 bed sets, 1 TV stand, 1 Bookcase, about 25 boxes of various sizes and weights plus the packing of the fragile dishes by the company. 5 boxes of fragile kitchenware."

Moving from Sydney to Johannesburg, South Africa
Quotation date: December 17th 2011
"Only boxes, number not yet determined. Please quote on 15 boxes, approximately 2 ft x 1.5 ft x 2 ft. each box would weigh approximately 15 kg. Self packing."

Moving from Perth to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Quotation date: January 29th 2012
"Books, clothes, shoes ,hand bags, blankets, dishes, cutlery, 2 computers , camera, Perfumes- I have got around 11 boxes and luggages with the size of 2 Cubic Meters Roughly and 500kg weight. I’d be happy to receive a quote asap. Thanks."

Moving from Adelaide to Berlin, Germany
Quotation date: January 29th 2012
"We will only require about 10 cubic meters to be moved at the date stated. Most of the items will be packed already and 3 tables (disassembled)."

Moving from Canberra to Washington, USA
Quotation date: January 11th 2012
"I am going to move all the kitchen tools, one bebroom furniture, living room tables, 2 computers, 3 tv, clothing and construction tools to Australia."

Moving from Brisbane to Ontario, Canada
Quotation date: December 27th 2011
"I have a couch, medium dinner table with 6 chair and a sleek king size bedroom set, aprox 50 medium boxes with kitchen and personal things and coffee tables. I can pack most of the things by myself ,except the 4-5 big pieces. I am serious about booking my move very soon. I need proper details."

Moving from Sydney to Hong Kong, China
Quotation date: December 20th 2011
"Average amount of household stuff - 2 double beds, x2 tv's, fridge, washing machine, 2 3 lounge suite, coffee table, glass dining set & 6 chairs, pallet size of tools, everything else boxed up."

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